Asia Market imported oriental food and gifts

Cake Asia Market is located in Boise, Idaho. We have the largest selection of Asian products in the state. From baby Bok Choy to Thai basil to octopus, we have an extensive variety of Asian fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seafood.

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Want to send $$ to family back home? We offer money remittance to Vietnam and Philippines.

To my Kababayan out there, we have Balik Bayan boxes for you. Because the greatest feeling our loved ones feel is not in the Balik Bayan boxes they receive but it’s the thought that they are remembered.

MOTTO: We may have come a long way from where we were but Asia Market is dedicated to bringing you a little closer to home by offering our customer’s “a little piece of home”

“The shortest distance between Idaho and the Far East is through Asia Market”

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